GBRP: The Master Artist (Genesis 1)

One of the ways we seek to grow together in our relationship with Jesus here at Grace is the Grace Bible Reading Plan (GBRP). Those of us who use this daily bible reading plan read the same passages each day, with some questions to help us think through the relevance of the passage to our everyday lives. This post is a reflection on a recent reading from the GBRP.

The biggest pursuit that we seek to gives ourselves to as a church is enjoying God. We believe that Jesus came so that we could know God and be invited into life-giving, eternal friendship with Him; a friendship characterised by ever-growing joy. The Westminster Shorter Catechism puts it well when it says …

What is the chief end of man? Man’s chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

Many religions seem to present a dull and lifeless God. But the heart of the Christian faith is the confession that God is full of life, abundance, enjoyment. And this is seen from the very first page of the bible.

In Genesis chapter 1 we encounter a God of many things - sovereign power, divine order, eternal existence. But the aspect of His character that I’ve appreciated most as I’ve encountered Him in Genesis 1 recently is His unsurpassable beauty. This God is a Master Artist. He fills creation not just with things that technically work but with things of colour and artistry. One phrase that particularly struck me as I read was the mention of the “various kinds” (v11) of plants and animals. This speaks of the sheer variety in the world (hundreds of millions of species), which in turn speaks of the vast beauty of God Himself - the Author of every kind of plant and animal.

Badgers & bananas, waterfalls & wind, oak trees & otters, sand & seashells - all these things speak of a God who is infinitely interesting. Everything that we love and enjoy in creation is the fruit of His imagination and the reflection of His own nature. God is not boring. If we are feeling bored of Him, we need to spend more time pondering His beauty as we live with eyes open to the canvas He has painted called creation.

Enjoy God’s world today. And enjoy it in the presence of the very Creator Himself. Let your enjoyment of it lead you into your chief reason for existing - enjoying Him.

- OC


Welcome to the Grace Cardiff blog!

We hope to use this space to share reflections, stories and updates as we seek to grow as a church family here in the south of Cardiff. Although this blog exists mainly for those who are part of Grace, or within it’s orbit, we pray that it may be an encouragement to any who read.

We exist as a new church to

ENJOY God in personal devotion and corporate worship

EMBODY His grace in our relationships together


EXTEND the good news of Jesus by word and deed, in these neighbourhoods and in the nations

May this blog be used to inspire others to grow in their enjoyment of God, their embodiment of His grace and the extension of the gospel in their lives!