On Sundays from May - August 2019 we are going to be discovering what happens when ordinary, messy human beings encounter a holy, amazingly gracious God. The first book in the bible shows us that from the beginning of time many of God’s interactions with humanity have been marked by undeserved love. As we explore the stories of individuals in this book we will see why “GRACE” is so precious to us (it’s even in our name!) and how our lives could look different if we truly built them upon the grace of God. 

HIS DEATH = OUR LIFE (Mar-Apr 2019)

Our Lent 2019 teaching series explores the story of Jesus’ final hours before the cross, and His first days after it. As we walk through John 18-21 we will discover the power of the cross to bring hope and healing to our lives today. The death of Jesus was both the darkest and most tragic hour in history and the brightest and most glorious display of God’s triumphant love and sovereign plan. Jesus is the foundation of everything we are at Grace Church, and we want to fall more in love with Him through these messages.

Listen, learn, and fall at His feet in worship.


This is a preview message from our Autumn 2018 series on John 13-17.